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Jesse Williams photographed by Hama Sanders

Friends: Final Thoughts

"What goes around comes around"

Being from Portugal the TV shows start here about a month later than the original release, believe it or not the first season only started here three weeks ago, but it definitely became one of my favorite things on TV right now. And by the way that Nick Weschler is a hottie!!!

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"If you thought being a mom was hard…"

I like this show, thank god they put Zach Cregger on another show cause i really liked him in Friends with Benefits, unfortunately I have this weird feeling they’re gonna cancel this… Anyway, better enjoy it while i can!!! 

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"Time do Dad up!"

I was completely taken by surprise with this show, is super adorbs i love the entire cast, needless to say the baby is incredibly cute and super adorable. If you haven’t seen this i highly recommend it…

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"His sister, her daughter, who’s raising who?"

I saw the first episode of this show last week and i went back for seconds and thirds and… well you know the drill. The little girl who plays the daughter is soooo cute!!!

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